KIF Oxygen Absorbers

Oxygen scavengers Of oxygen absorbers are added to enclosed packaging to help remove or decrease the level of oxygen in the package. They are used to help maintain product safe, and extend shelf life.

There are many types of oxygen absorbers available to cover a wide array of applications. The components of an oxygen absorber vary according to intended use, the water activity of the product being preserved, and other factors.



  • Nuts, cut trots, grans etc. breathe in an air tight system.
  • They absorb Oxygen in this process and reach their expiry faster.
  • KIF 02 absorbers control the respiration rate by scavenging the oxygen in the package.
  • It lower. oxygen and prevent micro and aflatoxins development and chemical oxidation.
  • The hermetic condition is maintained in the packaging.

Product Variants

  • Oxygen Absorber
  • Oxygen + Moisture Absorber 2 X Dual Action
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