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KEEP-IT-FRESH Master batch can be used to produce plastic bags and containers with special properties of shelf life enhancement of fresh fruits and vegetables from 40% to 400%.
Fresh Vegetables and Fruits start to ripen after harvesting and during the ripening process, the fruits and vegetables release ethylene gas. This ethylene gas when in the package increases the ripening rate of the fresh produce hence aggravating the ripening process resulting into faster rotting of the fresh produce.

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They ethylene gas produced works as a auto catalyst for ripening which in turn produces higher sugar levels causing microbial spoilage of the fruits.
The plastic articles produced by using KEEP-IT-FRESH MB absorb the harmful ethylene gas produced hence slowing the ripening and rotting process and increasing the shelf life of the packed produce.

The film produces shows upto 4 times increase in the shelf life of Bananas kept without packaging and improves the shelf life of Tomatoes by upto 3 times.
Tests performed on the Tomatoes show that the tomatoes kept in open started to rot in 5 days where as the ones in the KEEP-IT-FRESH bags were good even on the 10th day compared to the ones in generic plastic bag.

Physical Properties

Property Value
Polymer LDPE containing micronized surface modified ethylene absorbers
Form Pellets
Colour Off White
Odour Odourless
Particle Size 2-3 mm
Bulk Denisty 550 kg/m3
Solubility Insoluble
MFI 1-2
Stability Stable at PE processing conditions


Thickness Mono Layer Multi Layer
30– 50 Micron 6% 6 % in Inner & 5 % in Middle
60– 100 Micron 5% 5% in Inner & 4 % in Middle
110 – 250 Micron 4% 4 % in Inner & 3 % in Middle


Features :

  • Easily processable with polyethylene’s
  • FDA Compliant (SGS Report)
  • Natural Additives
  • Effective at low addition levels of 6-7.5%
  • Human Safe
  • Ecologically Safe
  • Recyclable with the polymers

Application :

  • Add 6-7.5% of MB in PE
  • Process at the same processing conditions recommended for the base polymer
  • Compatible with LLDPE/LDPE/HDPE/HMDPE
  • May cause negligible drop in transparency and gloss
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