KIF Sachets

Product KEEP-IT-FRESH films and bags contains Special properties of shelf life enhancement of fresh and vegetables from 40% to 400%.

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits start to ripen after harvesting and during the ripening process, the fruits and vegetables release ethylene gas.

This ethylene gas in the package increases the ripening rate of the fresh produce hence aggravating the ripening process resulting into faster rotting of the fresh produce. The ethylene gas produced works as a auto catalyst for ripening which in turn produces higher sugar levels causing microbial spoilage of the fruits.

The plastic articles produced by using KEEP-IT-FRESH absorb the harmful ethylene gas Produced hence slowing the ripening and rotting process and increasing the shelf life of the Packed produce. The film produces shows upto 5 times increases in the shelf life of bananas kept without packaging and improves the shelf life of tomatoes by upto 3 times. Tests performed on various fresh fruits and vegetables shows that the produce kept in open started to rot in 3-5 days where as the ones in the KEEP-IT-FRESH bags were good even on the 10th day compared to the ones in generic plastic bag.

Products Properties

Tomatoes tested for 2 weeks show no spots or fungal growth in Keep-It-Fresh Bags compared to start of rotting within 1 week in a plain bag.
The bananas kept in Keep-It-Fresh  bags aged only by 3 days after actual 14 days when compared to an openly stored banana.
  • Absorption of Ethylene – The ethylene produced by the fresh produce is absorbed by the special minerals in the sachet that selectively absorb ethylene molecules.
  • Oxidation of Ethylene – The Ethylene is attracted towards the media in the sachet and gets oxidized to water and carbon dioxide.
  • Absorption of moisture – The excessive moisture produced within the package is also absorbed which in turn inhibits microbial growth within the package.
  • VBI – The option of having a Natural Vaporising Bio Inhibitor is available with these sachets. The active ingredient is a natural plant extract, which has the capability to inhibit microbial growth in its presence.
  • The film has special macro and micro pores to allow breath ability of moisture and the antifog properties do not allow the mist to settle in the packaged films.
Physical Properties Wt%  
Ldpe 60-90% 9002-88-4
Naturally Occurring Minerals 10-30 %