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Keep-it-fresh Ethylene absorption solutions eliminates decay, mould, discoloration, wilting, softening, scald, loss of crunch and the many other negative effects caused by ethylene gas. It protects the viability and appearance of post-harvest fruits, vegetables and flowers by removing ethylene gas from the packaged environment, which decelerates the ripening process and decreases loss due to adulteration and spoilage.

Absorbing ethylene from the atmosphere around the commodity is a preferred method for slowing produce deterioration.

Keep-it fresh series of ethylene absorbing sachets, papers, EA filter chips, bags and curtain filters allow exporters, traders, supplier, grower and retailers to ship and store ethylene sensitive produce without the fear of premature ripening. By removing ethylene from the storage and shipping environment, growers and shippers can reduce deterioration thereby increasing revenue, profit, maintaining brand name, company image and country image at the same time reduces losses.