Ethylene Absorber to Reduce Food Waste




 Keep-It-Fresh Grape Pads

Keep-It-Fresh Grape Pads

  • Removes mould and fungal growth, decay, discoloration in results no wilting, softening, scald, loss of crunch, tenderness, weight loss etc.
  • Use during postharvest handling of grapes and increases the shelf life of grapes during storage and transit at controlled temperature (Cold Store).
  • Slowdowns the deterioration rate.
  • Use during storage or domestic and international shipments like via air, sea, reefer vans, train trucks, moving coolers units, CA rooms and cold storage’s.
  • Dual Release
  • Special plastic base
  • Moisture Activated
  • Bigger Pocket Size for better performance
  • Long Term Preservation
  • Form of plain coated sachets
Physical Properties Value Value
Weight of base paper(gsm) 160
Active Ingredient Sodium Salt that
Weight of base paper (gsm) 100-200
Weight of lamination (gsm) 50-80
Non wettable paper Pass
Design Micro pores in inner layer of lamination
Leakage of powder None
Leaching from edges None
  • 605: Pad filled with Antimicrobial powder
  • 606: Laminated spun bond sheet with coated antimicrobial in between layers